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Horse Arena Footings

Triple Crown Arenas is Southern California’s premier dealer of a wide array of sand and footing additives. We are the most efficient footings specialist in Southern California and are here to cater to your needs. Triple Crown Arenas is here to provide you with the best possible footing whether it be a standard or specialized blend. We strive to provide you with the exact ride you are looking for while staying within budget.

Please call Triple Crown Arenas for any of your equestrian projects! We will analyze your current footings and discuss a suitable solution for your riding needs.


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  • Lightfoot
  • Airfoot
  • Tex-Stride Textile Footing- Tex-Stride starting at $.20 per pound
  • Installation Available
  • All footing material is recyclable and eco-friendly.
  • Maintenance contracts available to freshen up your current arena.

Proper Footings…

It’s a Safety Issue

At Triple Crown Arena we’ve installed footings in hundreds of Arenas throughout the southern California area.

From the hobby farm to the dedicated training facility, we bring decades of experience to every job. This experience helps us set you up with the absolute best option for your unique situation.

Whether you are looking for blended, pre-mixed footing, a premium dust-free mixture or want to have additives mixed into to an existing footing to improve its performance, we have the products and experience to deliver that arena that leaves your neighbors going “wow”.

AirFoot TM and LightFoot TM Footings

Athletic footwear is a 19 billion dollar industry. Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars of research is invested in building the best rubber blends and foam compounds to deliver peak performance.

This research is what enables our athletes to jump higher, run faster and continually push the bar higher on human performance.

Now, that technology is available to use in your arena.

AIRFOOT and LIGHTFOOT are created by grinding defective athletic shoes into a high-performance blend. This formula can be mixed into your existing footing or used as a stand-alone footing for peak performance.

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Airfoot Versus Lightfoot: What Is The Difference?

Airfoot is a blend that is created from the entire shoe and is mostly rubber with some fibers. This added rubber helps to create more air pockets and creates a “springy” field that is extremely comfortable to perform on.

Lightfoot, on the other hand, is only created from the upper portion of the shoe, which gives you a much higher fiber to rubber ratio.

Many arenas are favoring Lightfoot today for it’s stabilizing benefits. Thanks to the interlocking aspects of the fibers, you get an arena that holds its form with less maintenance and dragging required.

In fact, the Lightfoot is almost invisible, yet it provides the lighter step that you want in a high-performance arena.

It also provides the added protection from the risk of concussion.

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Tex-Stride: The EuroFibre Alternative?

The advantages of Lightfoot has created a shift in the industry to more fiber-oriented footing designs.

The fibers interlock and create a “root zone” that help keep the footings in place while also providing a more buoyant feel to the field.

Our new Tex-Stride footings are designed to offer the same benefits as the ever-popular European-designed footings, but at a fraction of the cost.

We have been very pleased with this cutting-edge technology and are excited to offer riders in Southern California a better experience while also saving them money.

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Decomposed Granite Base

Before you can add footings, you need a reliable, healthy base for your arena. Crushed stone is a popular choice. We only use Decomposed granite as it provides the hardest, most durable base possible.

While some Arena builders use softer, more affordable rock, we find that the granite base holds up better than many of the other stone composition options. This gives you the maximum life out of your Arena, and reduces maintenance costs.

If you are looking to acquire an Arena, investigate the age and type of base it has. We find that, depending on the quality of construction and amount of use an arena has experience, a base should last 5-10 years. Beyond that, you don’t need to fully replace it. You can either have it re-conditioned or re-compacted as needed.

Having been in this industry for decades, we pride ourselves on building a foundation that is designed to last. Call us for a free consultation and get an Arena that is truly a step above.

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